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Outline #1

I've drawn them long time ago, but I thought it would be cool to start making them again! :D
This is some random girl I found on google lol, but if you want me to make an outline for you leave a comment or contact me on facebook or instagram. :3
I'm making them in paint tool SAI, and no I'm not using wacom or any other tablet for drawing them, I use touchpad oh god. xD If you want a tutorial leave a comment please, because maybe I will also make a youtube channel where I will post my speed drawings and tutorials ^^
Also if you want to see my older outlines click here and scroll till the end because that's what I have posted first xD
That's it for this post, see you soon guys!^^

I'm back

K so I promise I will be active from now because I wasn't at home for 2 weeks and I had no internet ok (and yes I survived xoxo) I think I told you but I was on holiday and then I went to Belgrade in Rock Camp for girls and it was awesome, i learned to play Summer of '69 on drums!
Idk that's it for this post, as I said I will be so much active and yes new posts every day! ^^
See you soon!


Hey guys, sorry bc I wasn't active last week, I was on holiday and I had no internet :|
I want to post some photos buttt I didn't buy a reader yet and today is sunday and I don't think any stores are working today .-.
And next week I wont post because I'm going on Rock Camp in Belgrade, I'll learn to play drums and the most important thing is that I will meet Anja and Tijana, members of Nemesis and I can't wait *_*
But when I come back seriously I'm going to buy a reader and I promise I'll post more. C:


K so I FINALLY transffered photos to my computer.
Now I'm too lazy to edit them, but I'm trying xD
So while I was looking fot that lake I found this car in someone's yard and I tought I could take a cool vintage photo, soo, I hope you like it, leave your opinion in comments^^
For more photos visit my instagram^^
K so basically I'm uploading old photos because I'm to lazy to buy SD card reader I have so much new photos from the lake I finally found xD And I didn't get lost wow But they are in my camera aaaand I need SD card reader :| But soon I'll opluad them since I go on holidan in 3 days so I have to buy that reader lol. Also I think I'll buy wacom tablet so I'll upload more drawings C:

Sunset photography (again xD)

Okay so literally this is the only photo that I like from yesterday's photoshoot. Idk I think I just wasn't in the mood lmao but ok xD
This is fortress in my town, the only interesting place to take photos lol. Today I'm going to try to discover a new places but I don't belive I''l find something. My friend told me that she knows and intereseting lake but I'm afraid I'll get lost if I go alone and I'm to tired for that now it's too hot ok.
So until I go with her and she shows me that I think I have just this fortress meh..But I'll try to do my best. c:

I hate myself.

So, yeah Ignore my try to took a professional photo xD So, how this happened Its not just the screen, but the display also doesn't work Because I am so stupid xD First I dropped him in school and screen broke. And I didn't know how to tell my parents because, literally, i broke my tablet's screen 5 days before phone's. But in two days I needed to go on sightseeing tour with school, so I wrote them a letter lmao. And that letter was pretty funny because....that's me lol But that's not that important, after that it worked well, and it had AMAZING camera. Tho better than this...thing...that is older than the Bible... Nevermind, one day I needed to go to my ex bestfriend's birthday (she is not ex bestfriend because i dropped my phone again lol XD) And I went to her house with my friend, and we also get lost because we forgot where she lives ok. And I DON'T KNOW HOW FFS but i dropped my phone again and it went 3 meters from me lol. I almost started crying b…

Sweet children o' mine♥

Ok. Soooo.. they are my kids XD
But no, really, they are my kids and I love them so much and they are just m i n e.
Jenner is my favorite because I bought it and it has autograph of all members and it says: ''for Victoria ♥'' xD
If you wonder, I have:
Jenner - To Live Is To Suffer
Demist - Guilt And pleasures
Demether - Beautiful
Slash - Apocalyptic Love
Demether - Within The Mirror
Nightwish - Dark Passion Play
Kreator - Coma Of Souls
Nightwish - Showtime, Storytime (both CDs)
Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful
Evanescence - Fallen
Nightwish - Wishmaster
Xandria - Theater Of Dimensions
All of them, except Jenner, I made by myself
My mom found these
um idk what is it called
boxes? XD
Let's call them boxes.
So, my mom found these boxes with discs, and I just printed the covers of albums.
Wow. Incredible.
That's it for now, see yaaa

Sketch #2

Oh god so I just realized how poor the quality is..I need to buy SD card reader because my camera wont connect to PC with usb... idk why but yeah I need reader and I'm to lazy to go and buy it so I though my phone will work Anyway, another sketch I'll finish in SAI, I'm trying to collect as much ideas as I can until I buy wacom~
Soo yeah, this is it for this post, see ya! :>

Obsidian Kerttu ♥

Drew Obsidian Kerttu with makeup! I wanted to draw her with colors and realized I have just some cheap shit (and I'm not good with drawing with them xD) So I used makeup.
The hair and choker are colored with pencil, face and eyes are shaded with eyeshadows, and mouth are colored with lipstick (and it was pretty hard tho)
But in the end I think it's pretty good and I like it ^-^

Portraits #1

Kay maybe not the best photo I took, but I started shooting portraits just a month ago xD  Just like I said, I'm trying to earn money for 650d, and I promise I'll improve so much :3 I know these sentences: ''You don't need professional camera to take great photos'', ''The best camera is the one you have with yourself''
Maybe, but I'm not so sure, my friend once gave me her professional camera and my photos was much better that these with Powershot A580 tbh.
On this day, when I went out with my friend Angelina (who was amazing model^^) we met the band called ''Sirius''
In my town there was
festival idk with smaller rock and metal bands
And when Sirius finished their concert we were standing and looking at our photos and one of the members asked us where is the closest restoran xD Omg I was so happy even if I never heard of them before, but yes we showed them and they called us to go with them *-*

Braids ♥

Ok, well..xD
This is not one of the most interesting things that happened to me, but its really funny.
So, I went out with my friend, and while we were walking, in front of us was a guy with braids *--* next to him was a women and I think it's his wife lol..but nvm
I was looking at him and I wanted to cry because...welp
He has a wife and I'm too young for him ok.
And my friend noticed that I was looking and he said to me: hE HAS A WIFE, NO! Omg I don't know why but I laughed sooooo hard next 10 minutes.
Also I took this photo on that day, so hope ya like it xD


Feel like drawing today but got bored after 15 minutes... so I just did a sketches and can't wait to buy wacom to finish them in SAI! What do you think of them? Thranduil is in left corner, and the rest of characters are from my imagination^^
Sooo, hope you like it~

Get to know me~

So, yeah..this is me xD
Makeup addicted, I LOVE corpse paint lol. Even if I'm not that in love with black metal..xD Well kay, I listen to Burzum and Mayhem (will discover new bands don't worry lmao)

Welp, idk, if you follow me on instagram you already know much but.. xD

I'm Victoria, 13 years old girl from Serbia who loves art. :3
Metalhead since 10 yrs xD
Well, I wasn't metalhead all the time, with the age of 11, I entered the emo phase... unfortunately
My favorite bands are Nemesis, Jenner, Demist and Demether (no, I'm not just listening to serbian bands xD) But be honest, these are awesome.

- Met the drummer of Nemesis on April 2nd. *-*

My fave songs are U ogledalu (Demether), Welcome to the underworld (Demist), Bloody Angel (Avatar) aaaaaaaaand omg Living Dead People by Nemesis is a m a z i n g

I love discovering my town because I want to find interesting places to photograph...and I always get lost when I go alone xD
Oh and I ADORE long haired guys..when I se…


Well, hai, this is my 1st post i guess..xD
Nevermind, on this blog, as you can see, I'll post drawings, photos, makeup looks, in one word - art.
I am not a pro, just a 13 years old girl who loves art SO much, but I hope I will become a pro one day!
Currently, I am trying to sold some of my work to buy wacom tablet and Canon EOS 650d.
If you wonder, I am shooting with Canon Powershot A580.
Yeah, don't judge, I know... xD That's older than the Bible lol..
Here I will post new photos and drawings, but if you want to see my older work, click here.

Um, I think that's it for now, see you soon ~

Btw, one of the newest drawing I did.^^ This is just a sketch, but I'll finish it soon in Paint Tool SAI when i buy graphic tablet.