I hate myself.

So, yeah
Ignore my try to took a professional photo xD
So, how this happened
Its not just the screen, but the display also doesn't work
Because I am so stupid xD
First I dropped him in school and screen broke. And I didn't know how to tell my parents because, literally, i broke my tablet's screen 5 days before phone's.
But in two days I needed to go on sightseeing tour with school, so I wrote them a letter lmao.
And that letter was pretty funny because....that's me lol
But that's not that important, after that it worked well, and it had AMAZING camera. Tho better than this...thing...that is older than the Bible...
Nevermind, one day I needed to go to my ex bestfriend's birthday (she is not ex bestfriend because i dropped my phone again lol XD)
And I went to her house with my friend, and we also get lost because we forgot where she lives ok.
And I DON'T KNOW HOW FFS but i dropped my phone again and it went 3 meters from me lol. I almost started crying but then I looked at him and his screen didn't break, so I tought he survived. But he didn't
I wanted to call my bestfriend to tell her that we are lost lol and I couldn't swipe to unlock my phone.
And yes...that's one of my...interesting stories xD
Hope you liked it, see you soon! ^^


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