Get to know me~

So, yeah..this is me xD
Makeup addicted, I LOVE corpse paint lol. Even if I'm not that in love with black metal..xD Well kay, I listen to Burzum and Mayhem (will discover new bands don't worry lmao)

Welp, idk, if you follow me on instagram you already know much but.. xD

I'm Victoria, 13 years old girl from Serbia who loves art. :3
Metalhead since 10 yrs xD
Well, I wasn't metalhead all the time, with the age of 11, I entered the emo phase... unfortunately
My favorite bands are Nemesis, Jenner, Demist and Demether (no, I'm not just listening to serbian bands xD) But be honest, these are awesome.

- Met the drummer of Nemesis on April 2nd. *-*

My fave songs are U ogledalu (Demether), Welcome to the underworld (Demist), Bloody Angel (Avatar) aaaaaaaaand omg Living Dead People by Nemesis is a m a z i n g

I love discovering my town because I want to find interesting places to photograph...and I always get lost when I go alone xD
Oh and I ADORE long haired guys..when I see them I always stalk them lol...Once I saw gorgeous guy with curly hair and Ramones t-shirt...I almost started crying because he doesn't even know I exist...

Sagittarius, idealist, adventure type of person ^^
Idk, I think this is it for now, byee ~


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