Portraits #1

Kay maybe not the best photo I took, but I started shooting portraits just a month ago xD 
Just like I said, I'm trying to earn money for 650d, and I promise I'll improve so much :3
I know these sentences: ''You don't need professional camera to take great photos'', ''The best camera is the one you have with yourself''
Maybe, but I'm not so sure, my friend once gave me her professional camera and my photos was much better that these with Powershot A580 tbh.
On this day, when I went out with my friend Angelina (who was amazing model^^) we met the band called ''Sirius''
In my town there was
festival idk with smaller rock and metal bands
And when Sirius finished their concert we were standing and looking at our photos and one of the members asked us where is the closest restoran xD Omg I was so happy even if I never heard of them before, but yes we showed them and they called us to go with them *-*


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