Black Hole~

Heyoo~ :3
So I did sketch of Black Hole 5 months ago thinking that I will finish that sketch in Photoshop or Paint Tool SAI. But I didn't buy wacom sooo..yeah xD I realized I should just draw her on paper.
And yep this is supposed to be ''Black Hole'' xD
I don't know yet if she will be my OC, because maybe I will never draw her again (that's how all my OCs have died lol) But if so, I will draw her whole body and write her backstory why she has this holes and everything..and right now even I don't know why she have them and why is her neck
halved? xD
But yeah I like how this drawing turned out and I think she will be my new OC and I will write her backstory :3

Welp I hope you like her and if you do I will definetly draw her again, seeya^^


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