Welp hellooo~
School started and I have already lost my motivation for writing or doing anything xD But I promise I will always post at least one post per day.
So for this post I tought I should talk about movies, and I made a list with my top 10 favorite movies. (I didn't make it I'll try to directly write it here actually lol) 
To be honest, i just watched horrors lol and I have watched and to watch list on my phone with just horror movies ok. (maybe I will post that list too)
but, for this post I will just talk about 10 movies (one of them is idk..i think action? but others are horrors xD)
So, here is it:
1. Shutter - the movie on the picture. 3rd movie on the list scared me more, but I freakin love this movie and I love the story so much and I'm obsessed with this photographer (I watched it long ago so I forgot their names) and he is so beautiful I think the actor is Amanda Everinghameoxnq ok I have no idea, it's strange name but yes he is perfect and even if he was really evil to that dead girl I think he changed from that time so much lol and idk i just love him so much
2. The cradle of shadows - this and the next movie are one of the scariest that I watched, because I don't know I think I hate being locked in some place idk how to tell, and + these scary things that happened to people from the cradle of shadows and grave encouters are just so scary and idk 😂😂😂
3.  Grave encouters - i said everything xD
4.  Insidious 3. Ok, first four movies scared the shit out of me.
5. Taken 1 - and taken 2 are definetly the best movies that are not horrors (in my opinion of course, and I want to tell you that these movies might not be the best for you and you might not like it, but I love them so much and I wanted to post this because maybe there are people who love horrors so much and I tought it would be cool to share my opinion with other horror lovers!)
6. Conjuring 2 - it's better than the conjuring 1. and I was scared but not that much, but the reason conjuring 2 is here is because I really liked the story.
7. The exorcist - there were scenes that scared me, but it's nothing special, i want to say that I watched better horrors.
8. Don't breathe - honestly it was scary and I was scared during the almost full movie, but I prefer horrors with paranormal experience
9. The boy - it's a bit scary but there are a lot of better movies, I don't understand why is this movie so mainstream
10. - it was interesting but it didn't scare me so I think it deserves the last place

So yeah, that's it, hope you like it and if there is a movie you think should be on the list, please write in comments and I will watch it!


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